Visit the Dordogne and Perigord Area

The Dordogne Périgord region is full of international sites.

From our house, most of the remarkable sites are a maximum of 1 hour drive away.

Art and history sites

More than a thousand castles are scattered throughout the territory, remarkable churches and villages.

The famous Abbey of Brantôme, one of the jewels of religious heritage in Périgord, is only 50km away

Three cities in the department are recognized throughout France for their artistic and historical importance: Périgueux, Bergerac and Sarlat.

  • Sarlat the medieval, about an hour’s drive away
  • Perigueux, Perigord capital, 30 minutes’s drive away
  • Bergerac and its wines 30 minutes away
Brantôme Abbey

Prehistoric sites

The Dordogne and in particular the Vézère Valley (nicknamed the Valley of Man) is world famous for its prehistoric riches.

  • Lascaux Cave, an hour’s drive away
  • Rouffignac Cave, an hour’s drive away

And many others …

Lascaux Cave


Producers welcome you on their farms, some of them offer tours, often accompanied by tasting.

Truffle, foie gras, nuts, strawberry, wine and many other gourmet products.

And the city of Saint-Emilion and its famous wines, 55km away.


Perigord Gastronomy
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